When it comes to tapestry there are many questions that are involved, which is why we have created this FAQ’s for all of our customers. If you have any questions that have not been answered below please contact us.

Questions About Our Kits

Q. What is included in my kit?

A. Your kit will have of a full colour printed cotton canvas, sufficient wool to complete the design, a needle and instruction booklet to help you create. Read more.

Q. What happens if I run out of wool whilst creating?

A. On the back of the kit, there will be a guide on how to generate further supplies of material that will allow you to complete your tapestry.

Q. How do I use the metallic thread?

A. As this thread is a lot more fragile compared to the others, it is advised that it is cut into a length that you require and not much more. This can help fight against any fraying that could possibly occur. Shop our other needle threads.

Questions About Our Business

Q. What’s your privacy policy?

A. We do not disclose any personal information to a third party, unless it is required by the law.

Q. Are there any other companies that you work with to generate your products?

A. A company that we work alongside is Wrappz who specialise in personalised products, such as phone cases.

We provide them with materials for their canvas work and from there it can be personalised. Find out about them.

Q. What’s your estimated delivery times?

A. For delivery in the UK, your ordered goods should be with you following 5 days. However, for international shipping this can take up to 20 days. Buy your kits here.

Questions About Tapestry

Q. Where are your tapestries made?

A.Our location for making tapestries is typically here in London, but on occasion they are made in North France and a smaller number are made in Italy. Contact us.

Q. How do I hang my tapestry?

A. All of our tapestries that are sent to you have either a rod pocket sewn into the top or have tabs attached.

Alternatively and for large tapestries without tabs a batten can be passed through the rod pocket and screwed to the wall.

Q. How do I clean my tapestry?

A. When cleaning your tapestry it is advised to lightly Hoover whilst using a soft brush head. If you do discover that this doesn’t help then you can try dry cleaning, however, NEVER wash.

Q. How do I remove creases from my tapestry?

A. Creases can be removed using a warm iron on the reverse of the tapestry therefore it doesn’t damage the front.